Has a very wide network of up to 4,800 online post offices. Number of service points (Point of Sales) reaching 58,700 points in the form of a post office, Agenpos, Mobile Postal Service, and others. Indonesian post have a dedicated network, reliable distribution system, Track and Trace, excellent service, speed, accuracy, and competitive prices. The post office is a strategic place for sales transactions, and / or distribution of goods and services.

Pos Indonesia continues to innovate, including the construction of the Post Shop, which is a retail business development which was implemented to change the image of a conventional post office to a modern post office with a one stop shopping service pattern, namely Postal Services (retail services) in the form of mail delivery services, packages, financial services, Postal items sales (seals, stamps, philately products etc.), Online Shopping services

Vision and Mission Pos Indonesia

Menjadi pilihan utama layanan logistik dan jasa keuangan.

  • Memberikan solusi layanan logistik e-commerce yang kompetitif.
  • Menjalankan fungsi designated operator secara profesional dan kompetitif.
  • Memberikan solusi jasa layanan keuangan terintegrasi yang kompetitif dalam rangka mendukung financial inclusion berbasis digital.
  • Memberikan solusi layanan dokumentasi dan otentikasi digital yang kompetitif.

Pos History

History records the existence of Pos Indonesia so long, the first post office was established in Batavia (now Jakarta) by Governor General G.W. Baron van Imhoff on 26 August 1746 with the aim of further guaranteeing the security of residents' letters, especially for those who trade from offices in outside Java a ... Read More

Good Corporate Governance


One effort to improve the performance of a company/organization is by implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG). The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is a guideline for the Council of Commissioners and Directors in making decisions and carrying out actions ... Read More