EMS Symposium 2023 for the Asia Pacific Region

Publisher, 15/09/2023

EMS Symposium 2023 for the Asia Pacific Region

Express Mail Service is an express delivery service organized by Pos Indonesia using the Universal Postal Union (UPU) network, which connects more than 190 countries and regions around the world.

To improve service quality, EMS Cooperative, which is a body under the UPU, and the International Bureau of UPU, in collaboration with Pos Indonesia, organized the EMS Symposium for Senior Management of EMS Cooperative Members in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2023.

This activity is in line with the EMS Cooperative Business Plan 2021-2025 and is part of the efforts to increase the growth of EMS production in the Asia-Pacific region.

The symposium provided an opportunity for EMS Cooperative member countries to present their developments and discuss strategies, business development challenges, and opportunities for EMS volume recovery. The symposium was also an opportunity to share experiences and focus on the continuous improvement of EMS service performance to meet customer needs.

The symposium was held on September 13–14, 2023, at the Aston Simatupang Priority Hotel & Conference Center and was attended by EMS Management from UPU, EMS Board Members from 3 countries, delegates from 11-member countries, and the Pos Indonesia team. 

In addition to discussion activities, a series of symposium activities also carried out site visit activities at the International Processing Center Jakarta. In the site visit, Pos Indonesia wanted to provide an overview to the symposium participants on how the handling of imported shipments was carried out. Pos Indonesia received appreciation from participants regarding the improvements that have been made and several suggestions for improvement for even better quality.