Postal Agent

Agen Pos Business to Business (B2B) is a business conducted between Pos Indonesia and Potential Partners who have agents of at least 100 agents.

Benefits and Advantages of B2B Services

1. Save time.

2. Effective and efficient.

3. Big profits. Reducing company costs for administration, transaction correspondence, or for market price research.

4. Secrecy is safe and secure. The system uses a high level of security with 256-bit secure socket layer protocol to maintain the security of customer data.

5. Transparent transactions. This service supports good corporate governance.

6. Give flexibility to partners to develop courier services through their outlets.

Agen Pos B2B Partnership Terms

1. Has an application system with a H2H pattern that is connected to the Pos system.

2. Has many outlets (minimum of 100 outlets).

3. Has a potential market (captive market).

4. Providing security deposits on accounts set by Pos Indonesia.

New Agent Registration Process

1. B2B partners propose the establishment of new agents to the Agen Pos Division.

2. Agen Pos Division verifies and coordinates with the UPT to survey the location.

3. Agen Pos Division specifies the agent code.

4. Agen Pos Division submits the agent code to B2B partners.

5. B2B partners add agent code references and activate new agents.