Pos Indonesia Affiliation

Pos Retirement Fund Foundation (DAPENPOS)




Making Dapenpos as the manager of a professional Defined Benefit Pension Program that is able to provide satisfaction and added value to Participants, Founders, Employees and Working Partners.


Manage payments of periodic retirement benefits on time, the exact number and exact recipients.

Manage funds originating from Participants and Founders with dynamic growth in an effort to improve Participant's income and ease the obligations of the Founder.

Participate in building a spirit of work and lasting bond among the Participants.


The Pos Indonesia Retirment Fund (Dapenpos) was established to manage Retirement payments for participants at the age of retirement. This retirement period is not the same for each participant, while Dapenpos is required to always be ready at all times to pay the participants' rights. Therefore, the availability of quality long-term funding in order to fulfill actuarial obligations, namely the obligation to provide pension benefits to participants at the time the participant needs to become a necessity. Thus planning is needed in a written document that explains the Dapenpos plan to take advantage of various business opportunities in the external environment and strategies that must be carried out to make these opportunities a reality, so that the funding needs to meet the pension benefits and long-term funding are always fulfilled.


The Purpose of Drafting The Dapenpos Long Term Plan

It becomes a guideline for setting funding targets and targets that must be achieved in an effort to accelerate 100% (Funded) funds with a Fund Adequacy Ratio (RKD) of 100% or more (fully Funded with 120% RKD).

Provide direction and guidance for the management of Dapenpos and all its staff in implementing Dapenpos management policies in a professional, efficient and effective manner and meet the principles of Good Pension Fund Governance.

Identifying opportunities and challenges in managing the Dapenpos investment portfolio, so that it is expected to be able to provide maximum business results.

Establish strategies and programs to seek the possibility of improving the welfare of Retired Participants by the Founder while maintaining Dapenpos's ongoing concern.





Globalization and rapid technological development require the availability of skilled and professional experts in managing the industry. The need for skilled and professional personnel is a duty for all parties, especially for the world of education to fulfill it. Although quantitatively there are quite a number of institutions engaged in the world of education, the institutions that provide education in the professional path are still relatively lacking when compared to the needs of the industrial world. Especially if it is associated with the quality of educational institutions that provide education in the professional education pathway, there are still very limited numbers of educational institutions capable of producing graduates that are in accordance with the needs of the industry.


Recognizing the needs of the industry towards the need for such large professional staff, the interest of the public, especially prospective students to follow the level of professional education also tends to increase. This increase was due to the fact that the community, although slow, experienced a change of view towards degree-oriented education to professional education. The indication of this high interest is the number of prospective students applying to become students to the level of professional education such as the Polytechnic is so large that many are not accommodated because of the limited facilities available. Therefore, these skilled and professional personnel, especially in Indonesia, are felt to be very lacking.


By paying attention to these developments as well as the availability of facilities and infrastructure owned, PT Pos Indonesia as one of the companies engaged in the postal industry is also moved to contribute to the world of education. To realize its contribution to the world of education, the Bhakti Pos Indonesia Education Foundation was established, whose activities include: providing education, training, etc. The Pos Indonesia Polytechnic is the first institution established by the Bhakti Pos Indonesia Education Foundation on July 5, 2001 based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education number 56 / D / O / 2001. , Information Management, Accounting, Marketing and Business Logistics.