Pos Indonesia Workers Union


Become an effective and professional worker organization in fighting for the rights and interests of members in the life order of the national and international workers' community with a spirit of solidarity, independence, democracy, unity, responsibility and equality.


  • Fight for the rights and interests of members.

  • Success of organizational and company programs.

  • Representing members in bipartite and tripartite relationships.

  • Give excellent service to the community of postal service users.

  • Having concern for the national and international community environment.


SPPI Purpose

  • Gather and Unite PT. Pos Indonesia’s worker  for the realization of a sense of solidarity and solidarity among fellow workers.

  • Achieving Pos Indonesia worker’s appropriate life and livelihood in accordance with humanity that is civilized by protecting, defending and defending the rights and interests of workers in general, especially SPPI Members.

  • Achieving and guaranteeing the welfare of employees and families and fighting for improvement in fate, work conditions and working conditions.

  • The solidity of harmonious Industrial Relations for the realization of work calm and peace of business in order to increase productivity towards the realization of the standard of living and welfare of employees and their families.


The Beginning

21 May 1998 President Soeharto declared his resignation from his position as president of the Republic of Indonesia which was presented before the Supreme Court and witnessed by all Indonesian people. At that time the position was handed over to BJ Habibie as Vice-President serving as President of the Republic of Indonesia. In the following days Indonesia entered the reform era under the leadership of BJ Habibie who opened the taps of freedom in all fields including the field of employment.

Ratification of ILO Convention No.87/1984 with Republic of Indonesia Presidential Decree No. 83/1998 as evidence of the aspirations of trade unions which have long been silenced by the government. Next, Law no. 21 of 2000 concerning trade unions which subsequently became guidelines for trade unions.

BASIS OF ESTABLISHMENT OF POS INDONESIA WORKERS UNION The idea of establishing a Workers' Union, especially within the State-Owned Enterprise, has existed since 1998. At that time the government issued Government Regulation No. 12/1998 concerning the Limited Liability Company Regulations which are implementation instructions from Law no. 1/1995. The PP states that there is a need for State Owned Enterprise Workers as a substitute for KORPRI. Article 38 states:


"PERSERO employees are PERSERO workers whose appointments and dismissals, positions, rights and obligations are determined based on work agreements in accordance with legislation in the field of employment."



ILO CONVENTION No. 87/1984 concerning Freedom of association and protection of the right to organize.

PRESIDENT No. 83/1998 concerning the Ratification of the ILONo Convention. 87/1984.

MUNAS V KORPRI's decision dated 15 to 17 February 1999 which stipulates that BUMN membership in KORPRI is active in nature so that BUMN employees can determine the organization's choice according to their aspirations. At that time PT. Pos Indonesia who attended the KORPRI National Conference was explicitly discharged from the KORPRI membership.

Instruction of the State Minister for BUMN Empowerment No. S-19 / mSA-5 / PBUMN dated March 15, 1999 concerning SOEs must facilitate the establishment of Trade Unions.

Directors Decree No. 59 / DIRUTPOS / 1999 dated March 12, 1999 concerning the Assistance Team for the Establishment of Workers' Unions in the PT. Indonesian post.

Letter of the Secretary No. 32 / Rhs / Prib / Sekper / 99 dated March 30, 1999 concerning the Establishment of States in the PT. Indonesian post.

Recording at the Bandung City Manpower Office No. 75 / DPP.SPPI / CTT / 1 / X / 8/2001 dated August 3, 2001.

Minister of Manpower Decree No. 664 / M / BW / 2000 dated October 19, 2000.

With this basis, then PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) feels the need for workers' organizations in their environment. Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar have been formed but have not been well organized. Evidenced by the naming of organizations that are not uniform there are those who use the names PEKAPOS, SEKARPOS, SEGA POS and so on.

An interesting phenomenon in the world of Workers' Unions is Solidarity, it is evident that the Japan Post Workers Union (ZENTEI) was so aware of the existence of the Indonesian Postal Workers Union (SPPI) that they had been asked without assistance in the form of Technical Assistance about union organizations in the form of basic training Basic Workers' Union (Basic Training). The implementation is in collaboration with the International Federation of International Union Networks (UNI) which is based in Nyon Switzerland and the Local Federation of the Association of Indonesian Trade Unions (Indonesian ASPEC). After that, a Joint Seminar was held between the Indonesian Postal Workers Union and the Japan Post Workers Union (ZENTEI).