Pos Kilat Khusus

Trusted with Wide Network

Pos Kilat Khusus is a service owned by Pos Indonesia for safe and fast shipping with a wide reach throughout Indonesia. This service can be the right and reliable choice for sending documents, letters, packages, and merchandise online.


  • This service is available in all Pos Indonesia branches throughout Indonesia.
  • Has the widest network throughout Indonesia.
  • Service with more economical and competitive rates.
  • There is insurance or guarantee, which is a guarantee of loss or damage to the package and compensation.
  • It has as a Track Delivery Status feature so that the status of shipments can be tracked through the official Pos Indonesia website at www.posindonesia.co.id or HaloPos 161.
  • Pick up service is available for special customers.


  • The maximum weight of the package that can be accepted is 50 kg.
  • The maximum size specified for boxed, long roll or irregular package is as follows:
    2 (width + height) = 400 cm, with the maximum longest dimension is 150 cm.
  • Rates are determined in these following way:
    1. Use the actual weight of the package.
    2. Using volumetric counts for boxes or rolls converted to weight with formulas (length x width x height x 1 kg): Rp. 6.000.
  • Submission of the package can be adjusted to customer requests:
    1. The package is delivered to the recipient's address.
    2.The package can be taken at the destination Pos Indonesia.
  • The Standard of Delivery Time (SDT) is D+2 to D+9 days.