1. Retail Train Cargo (KRT)

Kargopos Retail Train is one of the domestic cargo distribution services which transports and distributes it using the usual route and train modes of transportation using a joint agreement between Post and KALOG

Lead Time: Maximum of 52 hours
Sender will be given:
-Proven receipt
-Warranty for compensation
-Since tracking
- Package delivery according to destination
-Limited the weight of the package 5 Kg to a maximum of 70 Kg / Koli
-Limited dimensions of the shipment: the longest side is maximum 180 cm, width 180 cm and
170 cm high

Volumetric Calculation:
Length x Width x Height x 1 kg


2. Domestic Air Retail Cargo

Domestic Air as follows:
Product Line: Kargopos
VALI D Product Name: Kargopos Rite! Air
Product Code: KRU
Reach: National is limited

Outlets: Pre-determined Post Offices and Agencies
-Lead time up to 52 hours.
-Resi Delivery Using IPos receipt.

3. KRT and Air Retail Cargo Service

a. Door to door (shipments are picked-up and
delivery in office

b. Port todoor (sender sends)
goods to the Post Office and will
delivered to the destination address).

c.Door to port shipments are taken at the address of the sender and taken by
customer at the post office).

d. Port to port (sender sends
goods tooffice and |
taken at the destination office).

e. Level of Weight More than 5 kilograms up to
30,000 kilograms.