Warehousing service is a storage service

goods for production or production in a certain amount and time period

which is then distributed to the intended location on request. In addition, the Warehouse (Warehouse) is part of the Company's logistics system as

storage of goods (raw materials, semi-finished parts, goods

so) on and between the place of origin and destination and provide information

to management about the status, conditions, and disposition of items

is being saved.


Warehousing Services Business Activities include:

1. Conduct warehouse activities, warehouse rental and cooperation

warehouse management.

2. Conducting the process of receiving and checking items to be stored in the warehouse.

3. Administering the process of receiving and checking.

4. Do put away and the placement of items to be stored in accordance with

predefined location.

5. Administering the put away process and storing items that have been stored.

6. Carry out the process of retrieving the goods to be shipped according to


7. Carry out the sorting process according to the type of goods and destination.

8. Process the expenditure and delivery of goods from the warehouse.

9. Perform the stock taking process according to the specified schedule.

10. Perform agreed upon service va / ve processes such as labeling, assembling,

packaging, re-packaging, retum and others.

11. Make periodic activity reports in the warehouse.

12. Prepare documents and administer the process of receiving and checking,

put away and storage of goods, stock take / stock opname, added value services,

and periodic reports.