Fast and Easy with No Account Needed

Send money in the Post Office only

Weselpos is money sending and receiving service that provides solutions to the speed, accuracy, and security of transaction both domestically (nationally) and abroad (internationally).

There are two types of Weselpos services: Domestic (National) Services and Foreign (International) Services.

International Services

Western Union, International Express Money Order (IEMO), BNI Wesel PIN, Wesel Instan BCA, Wesel Instan BSM, Wesel Instan CIMB Niaga, Wesel Instan Arsema (Moneygram), Wesel Instan Ebays, dan Wesel Instan Telkomsel.


1. Wide Scope

Supported by online post office spread throughout Indonesia, making it easier to send and withdraw money through the nearest post office.

2. Fast and Easy

Just come to the nearest post office then fill out the form. After receiving Proof of Delivery (Receipt) then at that time also your money transfers can already be disbursed in the Office of the destination.

For Instant Weselpos services, you can directly notify information about transactions to recipients via cellphone. As for the Prima Weselpos sevice, information on transactions will be delivered by notification (RS-2) by the Postman.

3. Safe and reliable

Layered levels of security from transactions sent to disbursement transactions, provide assurance that your money transfers will be handed over to people who really have the right to receive.

4. Tracked

Tracking transactions can be accessed via: