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The best solution for international postal service

Express Mail Service (EMS) is a service for sending letters, documents, packages or goods from and to foreign countries with a maximum standard of delivery time of D + 5 in a limited international network.


1. Submissions of EMS package to the destination address within a maximum of 3-5 days (not including Beacukai/Customs checking time).

2. Competitive rates based on weight level and destination country, in US Dollar (Information on EMS rates).

3. Compensation guarantee if there is a delay in submission, the package is lost or damaged, according to the provisions of the Universal Postal Union (World Post Institution).

4. Pos Indonesia makes it easy for trace tracks to find out the status of shipments.

5. The EMS network reaches more than 230 countries that will continue to be developed to meet people needs and expectations.

6. Credit payment facilities and other benefits for large customers and corporations, on demand and an agreement with customers.