Shipping Terms and Conditions

1. List of shipments that are prohibited from being sent with International Postal services:

Items that pollute other items, cause harm or damage:

  • other postal items
  • building
  • postal equipment
  • vehicles used to collect, process and transport international shipments

Items that endanger the health and safety of life of postal employees, contract labor or other persons determined by PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) to work in the activities of collecting, processing and transporting international shipments.

Items that contain items in these following categories:

  • Animals
  • Money
  • Items that can disrupt the security and stability of the country
  • Materials categorized as morphine, marijuana, heroin and other substances categorized as NAZA (Narcotics and Addictive Substances)
  • Materials that can be categorized as flammable, explosive
  • Items that can be categorized as violating decency, in the form of books, magazines, pornographic films, and other items
  • Information that is categorized can cause disputes due to differences in ethnicity, race, and religion
  • Items which according to the applicable law cannot be circulated in the Republic of Indonesia

Items that are prohibited for export according to the Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 44 / M-DAG / PER / 7/2012 concerning Prohibited Exports of Goods.

Items that contain items that are prohibited from entering under the conditions of the destination country, which are included in the Prohibited List and Restricted Item.

Prohibited List and Restricted Item


2. Sender's Obligation:

Fill out the shipping form that matches the desired service in full.

Terms of Filling The Shipping Form

  • Completion of the shipping form must be in English.
  • All fields in the shipping form must be filled in including:

i. The sender's name and full address MUST be accompanied by a telephone number that can be contacted.

ii. The recipient's name and full address MUST be accompanied by a telephone number that can be contacted and/or an email address.

iii. Description of the items/Customs Declaration, items, the number of each type of items, item's ingredients, the value/price of each type of items, the country of manufacture of items, the weight of each type of items.

iv. Give a check mark (v) to the category of items including: "Personal Items", "Examples", "Documents", or "Merchandise".

v. Give a check mark (v) to the desired alternative procedure if the shipment is not delivered: "Return to Sender", "Forward" (specifically for Package shipments) or "Considered Release".

Note: In the event that the Shipper chooses the alternative "Return to Sender" or "Forwarded" (specifically for Package shipments) so that an explanation of the costs incurred as a result of sending or forwarding the shipment is borne by the Sender.

vi. Sign the shipping form in the column provided. 

  • Form for Express Mail Services (EMS-5) shipment.

  • Form for Paket Cepat Internasional (CP-72) shipment.

  • Form for Paket Cepat Internasional (CP-72) shipment.

  • Form for Pos Ekspor shipment.

  • Form for Pos Tercatat Internasional and ePacket contain items (CN-23).

  • Form for Gift shipment with Pos Udara (CN-22).

Complete the export documents and/or other documents in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Export Document Matrix.

For item shipment, the sender completes a detailed description of the contents of the item and the value of each item, the information can be in the form of an invoice/receipt.


3. Weight and Size Requirements

Document (EMS)

  • Maximum weight of 2 kg
  • Rectangular: Minimum size is 90 x 140 mm (equal to the minimum letter size); Maximum size is Total length, width and height of the sides <300 cm, and one side <150 cm.

Dimensions of Items Shipment (EMS and Paketpos Cepat Internasional)

  • The maximum weight for EMS ITEMS is 30kg
  • The maximum weight for Paketpos Cepat Internasional is 30kg
  • Rectangular: Maximum size is the amount of Length, Width and Height of sides <300 cm, and one side <150 cm.

Package Dimensions for Pos Tercatat Internasional (R) and ePACKET

The maximum weight for Pos Tercatat Internasional (R) ePACKET shipment is 2 kg.

  • Suratpos
    Minimum size: 90 x 140 mm 
    Maximum size: Total length + width + height <900 mm, and one side <600 mm.
  • Postcard
    Minimum size: 90 x 140 mm. 
    Maximum size: 120 x 235 mm.
  • Rectangular : 
    Minimum size: 90 x 140 mm (equal to minimum letter size); Maximum size: Number of Length + Width + Height <900 mm, and one side <600 mm.
  • Cylinder shape
    Minimum size: Length + 2 (diameter) = 170 mm 
    Maximum size: Length + 2 (diameter) = 1,040 mm

Volumetric calculations

"Volumetric calculations are applied to conditions where the actual weight of the shipment is small (light) but the size of the shipment takes place (large volume)."

(Length x Width x Height): 5000 x 1 kg = Y kg


4. Address Structure

One reason for international shipments not being delivered is because the destination address of the shipment is not written in full.

Examples of complete address structures are as follows:

  • House Address Structure:
recipient name


number and street name      


postcode + locality name



Mr. Anuar bin Samsudin


66 Jalan Kenari

Walnut Park

43000 KAJANG



  • Company Address Structure:
name of organization


building no. + street name,     
district name   

unit no.

locality + postcode - 
additional number

country name

The Modern Company


7894 Sadi Ibn Wahb ST, As Salamah Dist.

Office 18

JEDDAH 23437–3762 



  • Apartment Address Structure:
name of addressee


block number and street name

floor - apartment number 
+ building name

name of town + postcode

name of country

Mr. M. Rajendran


Blk 35 Mandalay Road

# 13–37 Mandalay Towers 


  • PO BOX Address Structure:


PO Box number.

postcode + locality.  


phone number

Sitftung Warentest


Postfach 3 41 41

10724 BERLIN


(+49 228) 182 18XXX

  • Address Structure in Rural Areas:



sub-province 2


postcode + province




Naritu Town

Zengxianglan County, 
Xilinguole Zone 


Provisions for writing the correct address for each destination country


5. Packing

The packaging of the shipment must be able to protect the contents of the shipment from any vibration or impact during transportation, whether it occurs between the contents of the packaging box or between the packaging boxes for international shipments with each other. THE USE OF GUNNY SACK AS A DELIVERY PACKAGING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

Packaging Method:

a. Single-Box Packaging Method (Single-Box)

  • Place the product not easily broken like soft items inside a sturdy outer box.
  • Use inserts (fillers) such as newspaper squeeze, cork balls (loosefill peanut), or cellular dampening material bubbling like Bubble Wrap® to fill empty space and prevent shifting of items inside the box during shipping.
  • Place items that can be affected by dust, water or bottom conditions in a plastic bag.
  • Bring small parts or granular products into sealed containers, such as burlap sacks or anti-seep plastic bags, then pack inside the sturdy outer box.
  • Use the H-shaped adhesive mounting method to seal your package.

Single Box with Written Shipments

Single Box Filled with Cork Ball (Loosefill Peanut)

b. Box-inBox Packaging Method

  • Wrap each product using bubbly cellular dampers or foam materials with a thickness of at least 2 ″ to hold it inside the corrugated box.
  • Limit the movement of products inside boxes using inserts such as newspaper squeeze, loosefill peanut, or other dampening material.
  • Cover and give adhesive tape on the inside using the H. lettering method of adhesive attaching. This will help prevent accidental opening. 
  • Use a second box that is at least 6" longer, wider, and deeper than the inner dosage.
  • Choose a wrapper or insertion method to dampen the inner box inside the larger and stronger outer box.
  • Send each broken product easily, wrap it in a bubble damper with a minimum thickness of 3 3.
  • The inner wrapper uses cellular dampening material with a thickness of 3 ″ or uses peanut loosefill with a thickness of at least 3 ″ or other dampening material to fill the space between the inner box with the outer box above, below and all sides.
  • Fill in each empty space with more dampening material.
  • Use the H-shaped adhesive mounting method to seal your package.

Box-in-Box with Cellular Silencer Bubbles

Box-in-Box with Loosefill Peanuts

c. General Guidelines for Unique Items

  • Artworks. Use a cover tape with a criss-cross pattern on the glass surface to prevent cracking
  • Photo and Poster Board. Attach a flat shipment to rigid materials such as plywood, plastic or fiberboard pads; alternatively, place the printed material between the corrugated bearing sheets and attach the two pads to all sides.
  • Stringed/Stringed Musical Instruments. Loosen the strings to remove pressure on the instrument's neck.
  • Mold Material. Tie the printed material together to prevent shifting. Give enough dampers before being inserted into the double-layered corrugated box.
  • Rolls. Wrap tightly in roll-shaped items using several layers of strong plastic film or kraft paper and wrap with a plastic wrapper. Then add the full address label around the object or use the label container (pouch). Pos Indonesia is not responsible for damage due to inadequate protection.