Service Terms and Conditions

1. Service Terms and Conditions

  • Each sender has the right to receive proof of delivery in the form of receipt or receipt.
  • PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is responsible for shipments sent if the sender has paid in full all shipping costs and other costs (unless there is a certain agreement, including payment of credit for customers with a Cooperation Agreement).
  • As long as it has not been submitted to the recipient, the right to the shipment is still in the hands of the sender, therefore the claim for compensation for the loss/damage of the shipment can only be submitted by the sender.
  • The sender's written statement about the contents of the shipment on the shipping form, must be the same as the contents of the actual shipment. If it is not appropriate, the sender is fully responsible for all the impacts arising from the violation of the law.
  • PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) has the right to open and/or check shipments before the sender to believe the correctness of information related to the contents of the shipment.
  • PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is only responsible for the physical damage to the contents of the shipment, and is not responsible and does not provide compensation for shipments caused by:
  1. Loss or damage caused by an intentional element by the sender.
  2. Violation of the Dangerous Goods, Prohibited Items and Restricted Items rules.
  3. Fill in the shipment that is not in accordance with the written statement on the Proof/Shipping Form.
  4. All technical risks that occur during transportation, which cause goods to be sent not to function or change their functions either involving machines or the like or electronic goods such as: cellphones, cameras, radios/tape and other similar types.
  5. Loss or damage as a result of oxidation, pollution contamination, and nuclear reactions.
  6. Loss or damage due to force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, war, riots, actions against the government, rebellion, power struggles or seizures by local authorities.
  7. Indirect losses or profits that are not made are obtained, which are caused by errors in the operation of the post (Law No. 38 of 2009).

2. Provisions for Compensation


  1. The indemnity guarantee service applies to shipments with barcode identification, Express Mail Service (EMS) products, International Packages, International Registered Services (R) and ePACKET.
  2. The indemnity guarantee service is:

           i. Additional services offered to postal service users for international shipments with items up to US $ 100.
           ii. REQUIRED Services for shipments with a value above US $ 100 and valuable document shipments.

      3. Indemnity guarantees are given for losses suffered by the Shipper, as a result of the risk of delays for EMS shipments, and the risk of loss and damage for EMS shipments, International Packages and International Registered Mail.

      4. The indemnity guarantee is not intended for indirect losses arising from the risk of delay in submission, loss or damage to the shipment suffered by the sender.


  1. International shipments whose shipments are not prohibited in accordance with applicable regulations.
  2. Meet the service requirements set by Pos Indonesia.
  3. The sender has paid the shipping fee and indemnity guarantee fee. 
  4. The sender writes the value of the item on the shipping form at the time of the transaction at the counter.
  5. If the compensation for the loss has been paid to the Shipper, but it turns out that the shipment has been received by the Recipient in the destination country, the Sender must return the compensation he has received.
  6. If compensation for losses has been paid to the Shipper, but it was found to be rediscovered by Pos Indonesia, then the shipment becomes the property of Pos Indonesia.


  1. Compensation claims are the sender's right. (Note: Compensation claims can be submitted by the recipient, in the event the sender has given a statement of the release of rights to the recipient).
  2. Compensation claims can only be filed against Late conditions (specifically for EMS shipments), damaged or lost.
  3. Claims for compensation for damage and loss of outgoing International Shipments can be submitted no later than:
  • 2 (two) months for EMS, calculated from the date of shipment.
  • 3 (three) months for International Fast Packages and International Registered Mail, calculated from the date of shipment.
  • 4 (four) months for Ordinary Packages, calculated from the date of shipment.

       4. Claims for compensation for delays in outgoing EMS items can be submitted no later than 7 (seven) days after the shipment is received by the recipient in the destination country.


Pos Indonesia has no obligation to provide compensation for the following matters:

  1. Compensation charges are submitted beyond the time limit set by Pos Indonesia.
  2. The sender provides incorrect information about the contents of international shipments.
  3. International shipments containing items prohibited from shipping by post.
  4. International shipments are confiscated by the authorized official in accordance with the statutory provisions of the destination country.
  5. Delay/damage/loss of international shipments caused by a force majeure
  6. Delay, accidental damage or loss by the Sender and/or Recipient, with the aim of seeking benefits from the Compensation Guarantee service.
  7. Delays caused by difficulties in submitting items to recipients, including but not limited to:
  • Incomplete address writing or address writing errors,
  • Recipients are not in place when carried out,
  • Recipients arrive late after the call is sent,
  • PO BOX address.

       8. Delays caused by the length of the customs inspection or other authorized officers or due to going through holidays.


  1. The compensation value is set as follows:
  • New goods according to the invoice/receipt price with the maximum insured is Rp 20,000,000.00 (twenty million rupiahs).
  • Second-hand goods, determined by the Shipper, with the approval of the Post Office, sending Rp 20,000,000.00 (twenty million rupiahs).
  • Goods containing art/cultural goods, other personal collection items and authentic deeds issued by an institution or institution or institution, such as a diploma, driver's license (SIM), BPKB, STNK, or other documents determined based on management fees or the manufacture of a maximum of Rp.6,000,000.00 (Six Million Rupiah) per shoot / Colli;


  1. Customs for compensation is set at 0.5% (zero point five per hundred) of the compensation value.
  2. At a minimum, the Compensation Guarantee Service fee is IDR 5,000 (five thousand rupiah).


  1. Compensation for Damage or Loss of Shipment:
  • Without Indemnity Guarantee  With Indemnity Guarantee
    Maximum compensaton of US $ 100 Maximum compensation = Coverage Value
    Plus 1-time shipping costs Plus 1-time shipping costs
  • Shipping costs calculated as compensation paid to the sender do not include VAT and indemnity guarantee services.
  • Compensation for damage to international shipments is partially not refunded.

        2. Late compensation for EMS shipments 

  • Compensation for delays is given for EMS shipments that use compensation guarantees or those that do not use compensation.
  • EMS delay compensation can be paid a maximum of 20% of shipping costs with the following conditions:
Delay Days Maximum Compensation
1 to 10 days 10% X Shipping costs
More than 10 days 20% X Shipping costs
  • Shipping costs that are calculated as late compensation paid to the sender do not include VAT and indemnity guarantee service fees.