Regional Office

Pos Indonesia has now been able to demonstrate its creativity in the development of Indonesia's postal sector by utilizing its network infrastructure which reaches around 58,700 service points reaching 100 percent of cities/districts, almost 100 percent of sub-districts and 42 percent of villages/villages, and 940 remote transmigration locations in Indonesia. The service area is divided into 11 Regional.

Along with the development of information, communication, and technology, the Pos Indonesia network already has 4,800 online post offices and equipped with mobile postal electronics in several major cities. All points are chains that are connected to each other in a solid & integrated manner. The postal system was created to facilitate the processing of postal items where every inch of Indonesian territory was accurately identified.

The expansion of the Pos Indonesia service area not only covers the territory of Indonesia but also covers the international community by establishing business entities in other countries with international scale, such as Western Union.

No. Nama Alamat Telp/Fax Email
1 Regional Office I Medan 2004 Jl. Prof. HM Yamin, SH No. 44 Postal Code 20231 Telp: 061-4570053/061-4149488, Fax: 061-4551161
2 Regional Office II Padang 25004 Jl. Khatib Sulaiman Postal Code 25133 Telp: 0751-40033, Fax: 0751-7051532
3 Regional Office III Palembang 30004 Jl. K.A. Rivai No. 63 Postal Code 30135 Telp: 0711-313327/0711-35580, Fax: 071-350228
4 Regional Office IV Jakarta 10004 Jl. Gedung Kesenian No. 2 Postal Code 10710 Telp: 021-3860006/021-3860007, Fax: 021-3860004
5 Regional Office V Bandung 40004 Jl. Pahlawan No. 87 Postal Code 40123 Telp: 022-2503618, Fax: 022-2509135
6 Regional Office VI Semarang 50004 Jl. Sisinga Mangaraja 45 Postal Code 50253 Telp: 024-8311559/024-317039, Fax: 024-8317013
7 Regional Office VII Surabaya 60004 Jl. Krembangan Barat 75 Postal Code 60175 Telp: 031-3520033/031-3520034, Fax: 031-3529140
8 Regional Office VIII Denpasar 80004 Jl. Kapt. Cok A Tresna Postal Code 80234 Telp: 0361-226581/0361-226585, Fax: 0361-226584
9 Regional Office IX Banjarbaru 70004 Jl. Basuki Rahmat 02 Postal Code 70711 Telp: 0511-4772122, Fax: 0511-4772319
10 Regional Office X Makassar 90004 Jl. A.P. Pettarani Postal Code 90222 Telp: 0411-872848, Fax: 0411-856045
11 Regional Office XI Jayapura 99004 Jl. Pahlawan No. 1 Abepura Postal Code 99351 Telp: 0967-584208, Fax: 0967-584080