Q9 Sameday Service

The development of information technology, the existence of community needs to be able to access courier services easily, anytime and anywhere, as well as disruption that occur in the e-commerce industry in the homeland become a challenge in the morning Pos Indonesia to continue to transform and ratify its entire line of business to address the challenge.

For online businessmen and SMES, the aspect of speed, safety and practicality of freight delivery becomes an important part of business success. Nowadays, market demand for local services within the city can be sent on the same day.

Understanding the needs of it, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) with the need to release a new service that strongly supports the smooth business of these businessmen.  Q9 [read: Kiu Nain], same service delivery service in the city (Java Island only) and provincial capital for cities outside Java island, with a maximum time limit of 9 hours. The deadline for shipment (cut off time) for Q9 service until 16.00 local time. Tariff of shipment Q9 calculated per-kg, with a maximum weight level of 5 kg.

Here are some advantages of Q9 products offered by Pos Indonesia:

First, in addition to the service at the Post office and Agenpos counters, Q9 provides a pick-up service by the O-Ranger team by calling the Call Center 1500 261.  

Second, until the end of December 2019, a free postage promo applies for the next shipment if the shipment does not arrive on the same day.

Third, Q9 open COD (Cash on Delivery) service or pay at the destination location with the approval of the sender. Equipped with the payment application PosGiro Mobile.

Fourth, there is a notification that will be sent to the recipient shortly after the post in the mail through the Office counter, O-Ranger or Agenpos.  

Pos Indonesia presents a mascot figure named Mr. Q to describe the product character Q9.  Mr. Q is described as a smart, friendly, nimble and professional millennial figure.  

What are you waiting for ?

More info click http://q9.mobster.id/