We provide and continue to develop various kinds of products that are sold in the Post Office, including:

A. Sales of Forms and Goods owned by the Pos Indonesia or Partners to be sold on a consignment basis consisting of:
1. Various forms of letter covers, postcards, and postal items

2. Various forms (models) for postal service transactions.

3. Various shapes and sizes of envelopes for various purposes, such as the Standard Cover, Folio Size Cover, Adhesive Cover, Straps and various other types of covers including ready-made covers or covers for the delivery of certain items that require special security or treatment.

4. Stamped Cover (postage paid) for sending letters or documents, in various shapes and sizes.

B. Seal
1. Provision of Seal Items as a means of paying taxes to the Government, in the form of Rp. 3,000.00 and Rp. 6,000 of kopur paste seal. Provision of seals at every post office is carried out in accordance with the mandate of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 13 of 1985 dated December 27, 1985, concerning Stamp Duty.

2. The Post Office also provides document approval services through the Later Sealing (Nasegeling), which is the implementation is carried out according to the Decree of the Directorate General of Tax Number: KEP-02 / PJ / 2003 dated January 6, 2003 concerning the Procedure for Sealing Later.

C.   Savings
1. People can save in the post office by buying a Prime shar-E card, as a savings card that is lawful and free of usury.

2. shar-E as a Savings Card is also useful as a Debit Card, for savings deposits through the Post Office, cash withdrawals through ATMs and inter-bank transfers via the Joint ATM and transfers between shar-E accounts.

3. Visit the nearest post office to get a shar-E savings starter pack and complete information

D.   Voucher
1. Every Post Office also provide physical and electronic Prime Cards and Cellular Telecommunication Refill Vouchers.

2. Pos Indonesia is developing a Dedicated Outlet that sells prime cards and refill vouchers from several telecommunications operators, sales of mobile accessories and other types of vouchers.

E. Sahabat Pena Magazine is available which is sold in several Post Offices. This magazine with teenagers and children is intended for them, lovers of friendship and knowledge. Sahabat Pena is deliberately provided for those who love and help their readers develop friendship and correspondence activities and explore information and science.
F. In collaboration with our Business Partners, we also provide Kamar Bicara Umum service at the Post Office in the form of Telecommunication Shops and Telephone Shops that are integrated with internet services (Warnet).

G.    Ease of "traveling" services from the Post Office
1. In several post offices provide ticketing services in the form of receipt of payments and sales of airplane and train tickets. So, now! Executive and business class train tickets can be ordered and purchased at the Post Office.

2. The ticketing service in the Post Office as such will continue to be developed in order to make the Post Office an Travel Post (Agency) that provides and sells tickets from land, sea and air transportation airlines and various kinds of tickets from various other business fields such as show tickets, hotel reservations and other similar products.
H.    Insurance services, including:
1. Takaful Ukhuwah insurance product provides benefits for participants if they experience an accident either due to illness or accident during the agreement period. The selling price is at the same time a premium of IDR 50,000.00 per person for coverage for a year and can be extended again with a repurchase. 

2. Pos Simas Accident Life Insurance provides benefits for the heirs of the insured if the insured experiences an accident during the insurance protection period. The selling price of a voucher that functions as a premium is IDR 50,000.00, valid for a period of (1) one year and can be renewed through product repurchases.

3. Askes Mubarakah insurance products provide the benefits of hospitalization in the Easco Medical provider network for participants and/or heirs if event participants experience an accident and or die from an accident during the insurance period. Premiums or ta'awun fees are IDR 250,000.00 during the insurance period (1) one year and can be renewed through product repurchases.

4. "Give the best for your family" the message is written on the Asuransi Demam Berdarah Participant Card that you can get at the Post Office. The Dengue Fever Insurance product in the form of a voucher that provides benefits to participants in the form of compensation worth Rp 1,000,000.00 for positive participants declared by doctors affected by Dengue Fever during the coverage period. The selling price of the voucher which is at the same time a premium value of Rp. 10,000.00 is valid for a period of protection for (3) three months. There are also variations in the value of premiums with a certain amount of compensation.