Philately Services can be obtained at every Post Office. The philately service consists of the sale of various kinds of philatelic products and special services provided according to the demand and needs of philatelists both at home and abroad. In addition, Pos Indonesia through its related Division also conducts community development and develops the Philately business through various business activities which consist of Production Process (Provision of Stamps), management of supplies, distribution of Stamps and other Philatelic products and developing other supporting businesses.

Philately services can also be obtained at the Jakarta Philately Office, which is located at Jalan Pos Number 2 Jakarta 10000 or at several Philatelic Corner located in the rooms of some of the nearest Post Offices in your city.


Philatelic Products

A.   Certain Stamps Shape:
1. Minisheet is a stamp or stamp set in one sheet.

2. Carik Kenangan (Souvenir Sheet), are stamps with beautiful design illustrations on the edges and the limited number of prints.

3. Booklet is a pocket packaging that contains several certain series stamps.

4. Postal Stationery is a postal object such as Cover, Warkatpos, Postcard which has been stamped or ready to be used for shipping.
B.   Philatelic Products Special Cap and Non-Special Cap:
1. Carnet is a stamp set with a special stamp.

2. Maximum Card is a postcard with a design and attached with a stamp that is similar and affixed with a special stamp on the day of publishing.

3. First Day Cover is a special cover that is published together with the publishing of postage stamps accompanied by a special stamp of the day of publishing.

4. Exhibition Cover is a special cover that is published to mark an exhibition of Philatelic inside and outside the country.
Commemorative Cover is published to commemorate important events with the design and special stamp that fits the commemorative’s theme.

5. Philately Documents and Commemorative Documents.

6. Kemasan Prangko contains Philatelic items in a compact format and can be Kemasan Tematik, Kemasan Tahunan or other packaging forms.

7. Stamp Collection Album and Annual Collection is for consumers who want to have a full collection of stamps in a year. It is in the form of a book accompanied by an explanation of the publishing series and the moment and background of the stamps publishing.
Stamp Frame, Completed Set, Special Pack and other creative forms.

C. Complementary Product: Stamp Catalogs, Philately Equipment (Stamp Albums, Tweezers, Perforators, Magnifying Glass) and others or Merchandising in the form of Posters, T-Shirts, Pins, Mugs, Cinderella Stamps and other similar products produced according to the theme of postage stamps publishing.
D. Special Request Services can be provided to meet the expectations of people who want their collection to be unique, special, in the form of:
1. Canceled to Order, marking the stamp on the date of publishing.

2.  Block of Four, four stamps (with a perforated tear) in a certain position.

3.  Gutter Pair, Philatelists can choose a certain position that contains their gutter.

4.  Special Information in the form of information contained on the edge of the stamp.

5. Other special requests can be given "free" as long as they meet the applicable rules in Pos Indonesia.
E. Service reach
1. These stamps and Philatelic products are available at the Post Office throughout Indonesia.

2. Requests for Indonesian stamps and philatelic products abroad can also be served by several International Philately Agents, including: Van Reijn in the Netherlands for Europe, Herrick Stamp Company in the United States for the Americas, Kowloon Philatelic Center Limited in Hong Kong for China and Hong Kong and will be developed for Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan, and other countries to adjust to market demand. You can also become a Philatelic Agent to sell Indonesian Philatelic items overseas and domestically.
F.    Business opportunities
1. Wide open opportunity for Graphic Designers to play a role in the creative process of designing Stamps and other Philatelic products according to the theme of publishing.

2. Opportunities for printing entrepreneurs to play a role in the production/printing process of stamps and other Philately products.

3. Opportunity for entrepreneurs/individuals to participate in marketing Philately and acting as a Philatelic Sales Agent domestically and overseas.

4. You can deposit relevant products (Philately Equipment) with Philately activities for sale through the Post Office with a consignment system.

5. Take advantage of stamps and various variations of Philatelic products and the theme of publishing stamps as a means of promotion and imaging for your company.