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Agen Pos

AgenPos is a concept of network development through partnership cooperation between PT Pos Indonesia and individuals or business entities in order to provide Postal services more widely to the Community.

In addition to getting closer to consumers, the existence of AgenPos is also intended as a form of empowerment of the micro-economic sector through the development of partnership patterns in business.

Benefits and Advantages of AgenPos

  1. AgenPos has been widely recognized and managed by PT Pos Indonesia for decades;
  2. In the courier service industry, PT Pos Indonesia has tens of thousands of service points that are widely spread throughout Indonesia;
  3. AgenPos can be managed by any member of the community, without having to have large capital and special skills;
  4. PT Pos Indonesia has a very wide distribution range both domestically and abroad;
  5. Sharing fees provided are attractive up to 22.5% and are progressive.

Types of Services at AgenPos

  1. Package delivery services, online merchandise, letters and documents which include: Q9, Qcomm, Express Post, Special Express, Express Mail Service (EMS) for overseas shipments));
  2. Sales of postal items, including: Stamps, Stamps and other Postal objects;
  3. Bill payment, installment and top up;
  4. Delivery and payment of money through Instant Weselpos;
  5. AgenPos will be developed to provide all other Pos Indonesia services.

Requirements to become a Postal Agent

  1. Have a place of business. the location is preferably not adjacent to the existing Post Office or Agent Post;
  2. Have a set of computers with printers and communication tools (telephone lines);
  3. Submit shipments and reports to the liaison post office every day at the agreed time;
  4. Obtain approval from PT Pos Indonesia through the liaison post office;
  5. Sign the agreement.

PT Pos Indonesia's support for AgenPos

  1. Officer training;
  2. AgentPos application software installation;
  3. Marketing support (promotion);
  4. Business management guidance and mentoring;
  5. Business coaching.

Steps to Become a Postal Agent Manager

  1. The applicant submits a written application to become a Postal Agent to the nearest Post Office;
  2. Feasibility survey by PT Pos Indonesia;
  3. PT Pos Indonesia issues written approval/rejection to the applicant;
  4. The agreement to organize AgenPos is concluded in the form of a cooperation agreement for the management of AgenPos;
  5. Training and preparation for the operation of the AgentPost.

Attachments to the Application to become a Postal Agent Manager

  1. Business Entity Applicant must attach: Certificate of Business Domicile, SIUP, NPWP, Deed of Establishment, Company Registration Certificate, Prospective location plan, Identity of the Chairman, Location Status Statement with plan and environmental permit.
  2. Individual Applicants must attach: ID, NPWP, Location Status Statement with floor plan and environmental permit.

Business to Business Postal Agent (B2B)

AgenPos Business to Business (B2B) is a business conducted between Pos Indonesia and Potential Partners who have a minimum of 100 agents

Benefits and Advantages of B2B Services

  1. Get a service fee;
  2. It is easier to develop agency services because Pos Indonesia already has a strong and well-known branding in the community;
  3. The Pos Indonesia network is spread throughout Indonesia and its services reach overseas;
  4. Confidentiality is safe and secure. The system uses a high level of security with a 256-bit secure socket layer protocol to maintain customer data security;
  5. Transparent transaction. This service supports good corporate governance;
  6. Provide flexibility to partners to participate in developing courier services through partner outlets.

B2B Postal Agent Partnership Requirements

  • Have an application system with an H2H pattern that is connected to the Pos system;
  • Have many outlets (at least 100 outlets);
  • Have a potential market (captive market);
  • Provide a security deposit in the account set by Pos.

New Agent Registration Process

  1. B2B partners propose the establishment of a new agent to the Postal Agent Division;
  2. Postal Agent Division conducts verification and coordinates with UPT for location survey;
  3. Postal Agent Division assigns agent code;
  4. Postal Agent Division submits agent code to B2B partner;
  5. B2B partner adds agent code reference and activates new agent.