To become the best logistics solutions provider company in Indonesia.

(Indonesia's #1 Logistics Solutions Provider)



To be the answer to logistics challenges in Indonesia, by combining the company's ability to provide solutions through a national approach synergized with global solutions for the use of appropriate technology, so that our presence not only provides solutions for customers but also provides benefits to investors in improving the Indonesian economy.

Starting from a logistics business project in 2004, and developing into a Strategic Business Unit in 2007, then based on a Notarial Deed ratified by the Minister of Law and Human Rights in Decree No: AHU-08351.AH.0101 on 17 February 2012, Pos Logistik Indonesia was officially born as a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero).

With its position as a subsidiary, and supported by workers and a professional team in formulating business strategy and positioning, PT Pos Logistik Indonesia is optimistic that it can operate independently to maximize logistics business opportunities in Indonesia while utilizing the Pos Indonesia network that has been built throughout Indonesia , with 4,367 branch offices and 33,000 sales points.

Main Products

National Transport Contract Logistics Freight Forwarding E-Commerce

• Domestic Land Trucking
• Domestic Air
• Domestic Ocean
• Domestic Rail
• Crossdock Service



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PT. Pos Properti Indonesia was established with Notarial Deed No. 35 by Notary Deasi Witanti Kusumaningtyas, S.H., Sp N. on December 31 2013, is a business entity that has a core business of Property with various Service Business Sectors. As a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), it is hoped that it will be able to become one of the drivers of the revenue engine and have added value.

In an effort to take advantage of every business opportunity, PT Pos Properti Indonesia is committed to participating in growing tourism in cities in Indonesia which have great potential, especially in the hotel industry sector. The increasing number of foreign and domestic tourist visits must be accompanied by the availability of hotel services at rates that are affordable for middle class people but still able to provide optimal service quality. Apart from the need for hotel services as accommodation facilities, the need for meeting rooms is also very high in line with the rapid growth of business, especially in big cities throughout Indonesia.

Apart from expanding its business in the hotel sector, PT Pos Properti Indonesia has also prepared itself to expand in the construction and other property business sectors which are currently still the prima donna of profitable businesses. This business is expected to be able to accelerate business development in optimizing utilization and providing added value to the company's assets/property which so far have not been optimally utilized, but have instead become maintenance and operational burdens.

Through the existence and business run by PT Pos Properti Indonesia, these assets/properties can be used as profit generators so that PT Pos Properti Indonesia can provide the largest profit contribution within the PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) environment.




To become the best fintech in Indonesia for the middle class and Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI).


  • Providing complete and simple financial transaction service solutions for the middle class and PMI.

  • Helping PMI in making financial transactions easily and cheaply.

  • Make it easier for MSMEs to develop their business and increase sales.

  • Providing a safe and easy IT system or platform.