Pos Indonesia’s Logo Meaning

I. PN POSTEL 1956-1965


II. On 1961, Jawatan status changed to PN POSTEL according to Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 240 Tahun 1961.


On 1965, PN POSTEL dispart into Perusahaan Negara Pos dan Giro (PN Pos & Giro) and Perusahaan Negara Telekomunikasi (PN Telekomunikasi). The dispartion of PN POSTEL into PN POS dan Giro and PN Telekomunikasi has legality law through Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 29 Tahun 1965 dan Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 30 Tahun 1965.

Perum Pos dan Giro, this old company logo consists of rice-cotton (padi-kapas) that are connected with the RI banner above, and POS & GIRO banner below surrounding a pentagon with globe and bird inside of it.  Between the pentagon and the rice-cotton (padi-kapas), there is a horizontal line shading.

The main idea of this logo is the bird, which symbolizes a postal dove, an old letter delivery concept. As the symbol the rotation of the world and immortality (bisa pake eternity juga) (Cooper J.C., Traditional Symbols, Thames & Hudson, London 1998, Page 74), the globe represents international affairs and global.

Rice-cotton (padi-kapas), as mentioned before, represents social justice from Pancasila. For some people, rice represents food, and cotton represents clothing.

The “RI” banner over the pentagon is the (end-point/ peak/ tip) of rice-cotton that encircle the pentagon, which is the short for Republic of Indonesia.

The semantic meaning from reading these symbols the professional work of Pos that symbolizes by the bird and globe in the pentagon that encircle by rice-cotton where the tip of it lies the “RI” banner that gives of the sense of nationalism.

Pos’s business is an international business, connecting across the countries in the world, so the impression that surfaces from this old PT. Pos logo is Pos’s international professionality that is symbolizes by the dove and globe that is still confined from national matter. The bird cannot be free.


III. Keputusan Direksi Nomor 166/Dirut/1995 tanggal 13 September 1995 tentang logo PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) dan Keputusan Direksi Nomor 172/Dirut/1997 tanggal 17 Nopember 1997


On PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) logo, a postal dove is ready to fly around the globe. Free from its former shell the pentagon and rice-cotton. The dove is flying faster which represents by the lined wings that is getting longer and smaller at the end, an effort to visualize speed. The size of the bird is now bigger than the globe which can be infer as it rules the world. The color orange is also used to indicate something important. This color is also used for construction pole, parking attendant uniform, flight uniform(?), and hiking clothing. This color is also a contrast from the natural color which is dominates by green, brown, and blue.

The bold writing of “POS INDONESIA”, is the name of the company with the country’s identity which is located under the dove and the globe. The line “Untuk Anda Kami Ada” is written under “POS INDONESIA” to add a sense of prioritizing service.

IV. Keputusan Direksi Nomor 95/Dirut/1112 tanggal 1 November 2012

1.  Logo Meaning

  • A flying dove looking forward with five-speed-lined wing means that the company is operating its business with speed, accuracy, and trust as its priority.
  • The globe represents the company role as a service provider that is capable of becoming the means of communication nationally or internationally.
  • The writing “POS INDONESIA” is written using Futura Extra Bold font, giving it the characteristic of a world-class company.
  • The logo color is using the corporate color, which is Pos’s orange and Pos’s gray. Pos’s orange has a meaning of speed. Pos’s gray is a natural color that has a meaning of modern business.

2. Color
a. Printed media color guidance:

  • Pantone 165C or 165U for the exclusive Pos’s orange.
  • Pantone 7540C or 7540U for the exclusive gray.
  • C = 0, M = 65, Y = 100 for Processing Pos Orange
  • C = 0, M= 0, Y = 0, K = 70 for Processing Pos Orange

b. Electronic media color guidance:

  • R = 230, G = 112, B = 21; for Pos’s orange.
  • R = 76, G = 76, B = 76; for the gray.

c. Other media color guidance refers to the printed media color guidance.


“POS INDONESIA” writing located under the dove and globe symbol that comes with these technical specifications:

  • The length of “POS INDONESIA” writing is the same length of the furthest point of the dove’s wing to the furthest point of the dove’s beak.
  • The “O” in “INDONESIA” is located precisely under the vertical line of the globe.
  • The distance between the globe and “POS INDONESIA” writing is half of the height of “POS INDONESIA”.
  • The end point of the dove’s tail is precisely located above the word “I” in “INDONESIA”.

V. Keputusan Direksi Nomor 80/Dirut/1123 tanggal 16 November 2023

Pos Indonesia has played a crucial role for almost three centuries, connecting people and businesses across the country. In its long journey, Pos Indonesia has become an integral part of everyday life, offering invaluable services to individuals and companies across the country.

However, as with all aspects of life, times are constantly changing and posing new challenges in the logistics sector. The imperfect synergy between logistics and the postal sector, along with the challenges of infrastructure integration and dynamic technological developments, became the background for the birth of PosIND.

The birth of PosIND is a transformative step and the beginning of a new chapter in the long history of the postal industry in Indonesia. Not only a service provider, POS IND is a valuable partner in business growth, with a passion to accelerate and advance logistics in Indonesia. PosIND comes with a spirit of collaboration, integration, and a vision to build logistics synergy as the backbone of the country's economy. PosIND's presence will drive change and help build a better future for Indonesian logistics.

  • The word POS is taken from "Pos Indonesia," which carries the company's aspiration to become an integrated and efficient logistics service solution.
  • The word IND stands for Integrated National Distribution. The word "Integrated" reflects synergy and cooperation; "National Distribution" reflects commitment and dedication to serve the various logistics needs of the country.
  • The phrase LOGISTIK INDONESIA is a reinforcement of the company's identity and purpose as well as a statement that this is Indonesian Logistics.