Pos Indonesia's Museum

Museum Pos Indonesia has been present since the Dutch East Indies era under the name Museum PTT (Pos Telegrap dan Telepon), exactly in 1931 located in the bottom right wing building headquarters PTT Cilaki Street No.73 Bandung 40115.

This Museum is open to the public and the collection consists of stamps from both within and outside the country however when world war II happen it caused this museum poorly maintained as it should be, even almost forgotten. Come up with ideas to establish a museum pos dan giro whose collection not just stamps but also other things like photos, postal tools, and others of historical value. To accomplish the ideas that have been a long time waiting so on 18th December 1980 directors of Perum Pos dan Giro has been formed a committee by the name “Panitia Persiapan Pendirian Museum Pos dan Giro” with the main duty to inventory and collect other things that have historical value worthy of made to the museum.

After the work of several months, finally, the committee managed to gather some things later and also tried to exhibit to the public in the form of an exhibition Pos and Giro which is held on 27th September 1982 along with the inauguration application of the Indonesian postal code system for internal needs of Perum Pos dan Giro by chief director Perum Pos dan Giro located in the basement of the head office building Perum Pos dan Giro. And a year later on 27th September 1983 coincidence with the 38th Hari Bakti Postel, the basement room by the tourism minister, Pos dan telekomunikasi, Achmad Tahir has been inaugurated as a museum by the name of the MUSEUM POS DAN GIRO.

Along with the development of the postal company which counted on 20th June 1995 name and status company changed from Perusahaan Umum Pos dan Giro becomes PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero). Then there is also a change in the name of this museum from Museum Pos dan Giro becomes Museum Pos Indonesia until now.


 Museum Pos Indonesia is one of the interesting tourist destinations and can make a positive contribution to improving the company's image.


  1. Create a Museum Pos Indonesia that is capable of an educational information center, and recreation, and can support the socio-cultural development of the company.
  2. Create harmonious cooperation by always following the dynamics of community development to give positive values to the wider community.


Monday - Friday                               09:00 am – 03:00 pm WIB

Saturday                                              09:00 am – 01:00 pm WIB

Sunday / Other Holidays                Day Off


Whatsapp 082113176977 ( ZamZam Zamakhsyary), 081213119938 ( Erlinasari)

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Jl. Cilaki No. 73 Bandung 40115