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O-rangers are Pos Indonesia partners who are tasked with marketing Pos Indonesia products and conducting pick-up services in each area. The scope of O-Ranger sales is marketing and selling courier service products in the retail segment, namely Pos Express services with a maximum delivery time limit of H + 1 and Special Express Post with a distance of 2 days for within Java and a maximum of 4 days for shipments outside Java. Both products offered set a maximum package weight limit of 30 kg. The fare is determined by distance and weight.


O-ranger by type:

  1. Delivery O-ranger
  2. Counter O-ranger
  3. Mobile O-ranger
  4. Shop O-ranger
  5. Rose O-ranger

The main duties of an O-Ranger include :

  1. Direct selling (direct sales activities by visiting customers).
  2. Pick up service (delivery pick-up service free of charge).
  3. Canvassing (customer data collection activities).

O-Ranger's target markets are :

  1. Online Merchants/Businessmen.
  2. Stores and merchants in Shopping Centers / Wholesale Centers / Souvenir Shops.
  3. Small and Medium Enterprises
  4. Offices
  5. Housing/Apartment/Residential

How the O-ranger works can be described through the following :

  1. Offer the products that have been previously explained to prospective customers at a predetermined sales location.
  2. Prospective customers who are interested will be recorded by the O-ranger through the application regarding item info and rates.
  3. The customer then gives the goods and money to the O-ranger and is given a digital receipt then the goods enter the O-ranger's transportation bag.
  4. Customers who have registered can then request pick-up of goods anywhere and anytime.
  5. After finishing with one customer, the O-ranger returns to look for other potential customers.
  6. If the prospective customer who is offered the product refuses, the O-ranger does canvassing. That is, recording the customer's name or store name, address, type of goods and telephone number.
  7. After the transportation bag is full enough, the O-ranger can deliver the goods to the nearest postal service point (Post Office, Booth, Postal Car) and return to look for the next prospective customer.

Benefits of using O-Ranger services for customers :

  1. Package delivery without the need to go to the Post Office.
  2. No pick-up fee.
  3. Online shop packages available.
  4. Delivery service to all over Indonesia.

O-Ranger Registration