About PPID

PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is one of the State Owned Enterprises (SOE) companies that has significant duties in the consignment, logistic, and finance  sector and is committed to escalating the information transparency to the public. Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) is in charge as the front guard by ensuring all public information is presented accurately, timely, and easily accessible to the public.

PPID PT Pos Indonesia vision is "Achieving Transparency with Innovation and Collaboration". Realizing this  vision, PPID is not only committed in providing information, PPID also keeps innovating in information delivery and collaborating with many stakeholders to improve the information quality.

PPID PT Pos Indonesia is committed to maintain the integrity and accuracy of information. PPID keeps improving on information quality using internal monitoring mechanisms  and public feedback.

With the spirit of transparency, innovation, and collaboration, PPID PT Pos Indonesia strives to provide the best public information services. Through the various services that have been provided, the public is expected to understand better the performance and contribution of PT Pos Indonesia to the country.