Duties & Authorities

Duties :

  1. Composing and implementing public information service policies.

  2. Preparing public information service policies implementation reports.

  3. Coordinating and consoldating the procces of storing, documenting, providing,  and serving public information.

  4. Coordinating and consoldating the collection of public information documents in the company.

  5. Verify public information documents.

  6. Deciding accessible and decent information for public.

  7. Carrying  out  tests on the consequences of excluded public information.

  8. Managing, maintaining, and updating the public information list.

  9. Providing public information effectively and efficiently to ease the public.

  10. ​​Carry out guidance, supervision, evaluation, and monitoring of the implementation of technical public information policies carried out by Information Services Officers. 


Authorities :

  1. Establish policy and public information reports.

  2. Establish and decide accessible and inaccessible information for public based on consequence test.

  3. Reject public information request by submitting written considerations if the requested information includes excluded public information.

  4. Coordinate periodically/and/or according to needs in implementing public information services.