Universal Postal Union


Universal Postal Union (UPU) is the main forum for cooperation between state postal operators to ensure the availability of a universal network that provides the latest products and services.

It was founded on 9 October 1874 with its head office in the Swiss capital Berne.

UPU is the second oldest international organization in the world and has been a United Nations (UN) Specialize Agency since 1 July 1948.

The purpose of the establishment of the UPU is to encourage the development of quality universal postal services that are continuous, efficient and accessible in order to facilitate communication between people in the world through:

  1. Ensuring the freedom of circulation of postal items in a single postal area consisting of an interconnection network between state postal operators
  2. Encouraging the adoption of the same common standards & technology utilization
  3. Ensuring collaboration and interaction between stakeholders
  4. Supports effective technical cooperation
  5. Ensuring satisfaction of changing customer needs

UPU fulfils the role of advisor, arbitrator, and liaison, and provides technical assistance where necessary, establishes rules for international mail exchange and makes recommendations to stimulate growth in the volume of mail, parcel and financial services and improve service quality for postal service users worldwide.

Any member state of the United Nations can become a member of the UPU. It currently consists of 192 member countries, with the last country to join was South of Sudan on October 4, 2011. Indonesia itself has been a member of the UPU since May 1, 1877.