Pos Indonesia Launched COD C2C Application

Admin, 27/07/2019

Pos Indonesia Launched COD C2C Application

Pos Indonesia marks another service innovation in the midst of the e-commerce era, especially retail online shopping. Located at the Jombang Post Office, the BUMN which was aged 273 this year launched the C2C COD application on Friday (7/26).

COD (Cash On Delivery) is a payment method where the buyer pays an order in cash when the order arrives at the destination. Payment is made to the courier who delivered the items.

C2C or Customer to Customer is social media-based online retail transactions. The majority of C2C actors are MSMEs in sub-urban and/or rural areas.

Along with the increase in retail online shipment transactions in East Java which reached 233% growth in the period January to June 2019, the demand for the COD payment method also continued to increase. The conventional COD method (manual) is no longer sufficient to control the number of shipments reaching 6,415,163 transactions in the first semester - 2019.

This innovation also integrates the 3 pillars of e-commerce services, namely logistics shipment, C2C and payment gateways on one platform. Logistic shipment uses Special Express Mail Courier, C2C in Pos control application, and payment gateway or depositing money using postal m-giro.

Jombang is a fast-growing pioneer in COD C2C services. A number of cities and districts in East Java continue to run after. After this, Central Java, DIY, and throughout Java will be followed. At the end of 2019, nationally targeted can already be served.