Pos Indonesia Wins 2 CSR Awards from the Governor of West Java

Public Relations, 19/11/2019

Pos Indonesia Wins 2 CSR Awards from the Governor of West Java

Bandung 19 November 2019 - PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) won two awards from the Governor of West Java namely for the Corporate Corporate Responsibility (CSR) program in 2019 and for the West Java Development Partners program through the Company's CSR / PKBL Program for 5 consecutive years ( 2015-2019).

The award plaque was given by the West Java Provincial Government in the Joint Inauguration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects in West Java in 2018-2019 at the Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung City Monday (11/18/2019) to 123 West Java CSR partner companies and the award certificate Annual CSR 5 to 19 Jabar CSR partner companies.

The award was handed over directly by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil who was accompanied by Daud Achmad as Chairman of the West Java CSR Facilitation Team who also served as the Acting Regional Secretary (Sekda) of the Province, and the Head of BAPPEDA JABAR Taufiq Budi Santoso to the VP of the Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL) PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Zulfa Erinaldi.

Based on data from the West Java Bappeda, investment achievements from the company's CSR-PKBL program from 2011 to the third quarter of 2019 reached Rp 1.59 trillion. Meanwhile, in 2018-2019, Jabar's CSR project development programs were mostly in the education sector, which was 72 percent. The rest, infrastructure and environmental cleanliness 12 percent, health 10 percent and other sectors 6 percent.

At the event Ridwan Kamil said "With the CSR Forum, the direction (development) is clear, for example this year Citarum, next year the theme of education. Then every year we appreciate, and this total company will produce significant changes,"
In closing, Ridwan Kamil expressed his highest appreciation to all companies that had carried out their commitments. He can only give awards and pray for companies incorporated in West Java CSR partners to be more prosperous and grow big.

Also attending the event were the leaders of the West Java Provincial DPRD, the Mayor of West Java, the Governor's Assistant and Expert Staff, the Head of the Regional Apparatus in the West Java Provincial Government.