Pos Indonesia Collaborates with SiCepat and Haistar

Public Relations, 12/12/2019

Pos Indonesia Collaborates with SiCepat and Haistar

Jakarta, 12 December 2019 - Right on National Online Shopping Day (HARBOLNAS) 12/12/2019 PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) established cooperation with PT SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia (SiCepat) and PT Bintang Dagang Internasional (HaiStar). The synergy between Pos Indonesia, SiCepat and Haistar was signed by Commercial Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Charles Sitorus, CEO of PT SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia, The Kim Hai and CEO of PT Bintang Dagang Internasional, Donny Maya Wardhana at the Jakarta Philatelic Building.

The collaboration between PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) with SiCepat and Haistar is an effort to build synergy in order to optimize Pos Indonesia's assets and increase the business value of each company.

The scope of Pos Indonesia's collaboration with SiCepat includes:
1. Package Drop Handling, sellers who choose the SiCepat service can send / drop through Post Office outlets, then it will be processed and delivered by Pos Indonesia officers.
2. Package Return Handling, the buyer can submit the Return Package to the nearest Post Office, Pos Indonesia officers will help deliver it to the Hub or nearest SiCepat operations center.
3. Collection of goods and deposit of COD money at the post office by the recipient of goods / delivery person Sicepat
In the initial stages this service will be available in major cities on the island of Java, henceforth it is expected to serve the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

While the scope of cooperation between Pos Indonesia and Haistar includes:
1. PickUp;
2. FullFillment;
3. Delivery

This FulFillment supply agreement includes the provision of warehouses ranging from 50 m2 to 500 m2 or more per Client in various cities, so business owners can send goods to customers faster and shipping costs more affordable
Commercial Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Charles Sitorus said "The collaboration between PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) with Sicepat and HaiStar is an optimal step to help and facilitate the community of e-Commerce business people in terms of courier and fulfillment services." This collaboration is expected can run well and provide business value for the three companies.