Optimizing Customer Services, Pos Indonesia Apply FastPOS To Agency Network

Admin, 27/01/2020

Optimizing Customer Services, Pos Indonesia Apply FastPOS To Agency Network

Bandung, January 27, 2020 - PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) continues to show its seriousness in innovation, especially in the digital market sector. Synergizing with PT Siber Ekosystem Optima (SEO), PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) made a new breakthrough by implementing the FastPOS digital platform to expand the reach of customer service, especially on the pickup side of goods to be delivered. With the support of the FastPOS platform, the shipping portal owned by PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) named QOB (Q-Online Booking) will be directly connected with the couriers who are members of the fastPOS platform to pick up. The development and application of the synergy of the two platforms was formalized through the Signing of Agency Cooperation which was carried out at the Head Office of PT Pos Indonesia, Jalan Cilaki, Bandung (27/1).

"This is Pos Indonesia's answer to the needs of the community at this time, especially in terms of pickup service delivery via a digital application," said Charles Sitorus Commercial Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero).

Charles added, "So, with the connection of QOB, which was indeed built to facilitate the public in ordering Postal postage services, it is connected with FastPOS which will immediately bring its couriers to pick up goods directly at the customer's home or office. This automatically, customers do not need to bother anymore. "

SEO that has been trusted as a strategic partner of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) also does not seem willing to half-hearted in communicating this new service to the public. Because, the true signing of this collaboration is also the starting point of a series of activities and education that will lead to the FastPOS Grand Launching event titled "SALAM INDONESIA - The Return of the Legend".

This grand event is planned to be held in February 2020 in the Borobudur Temple Tourism Area, Magelang. The event which will be packaged in the format of a people's party will also be attended by companies that have joined and supported the digital business order in the scope of FastPOS work services so far, community leaders, to foreign tourists. In fact, it was also informed that this event will also be enlivened by the Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) community, as one of the icons representing the Legend.

"This is indeed our main intention in building an ecosystem to work together for the Country, for Indonesia. Because, 100% Original Indonesia FastPOS, will continue to need the support of the Indonesian people to be able to develop technology with PT. Pos Indonesia, so it can continue to innovate in meeting the needs and enjoyed by various groups, especially in the era of industry 4.0 competition, "said Ery Saputra, Director of SEO.

Do not stop there, the synergy between PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) and SEO is also preparing a program that will facilitate and encourage all small and medium-sized businesses owned by the Indonesian people to be able to continue to grow together in improving the production sector, market expansion and service support logistics technology, in order to achieve a better future for all.
Previously FastPOS was a digital platform in the form of applications, which offered freight and courier services in digital format. Products made by PT. Siber Ekosystem Optima presents exciting new experiences for the wider community, in enjoying courier and logistics products in Indonesia.

"Please pray for his blessing, so that all these good plans can be carried out smoothly. We believe, if we are together, with the support of all parties who have been and will be incorporated in the 'Synergy of the Children of the Nation' ecosystem, we can certainly get up and achieve it. For us, for Indonesia, "Ery closed