Celebrating 75th Bhakti Postel Day, Pos Indonesia Launches QiX Service

Public Relations, 28/09/2020

Celebrating 75th Bhakti Postel Day, Pos Indonesia Launches QiX Service

Bandung, September 28, 2020 - September 27, which is celebrated annually as Post and Telecommunication Service (Harbak Postel) by the ranks of Post and Telecommunication departs from the taking over of the Telegraph Post and Telephone Service (PTT) from the Japanese government by Indonesian sons and daughters who joined in the Youth Post Telegraph and Telephone (AMPTT) on September 27, 1945.
Commemoration of the 75th Postel Bhakti Day in 2020 carries the theme "Digital Transformation Towards Advanced Indonesia". On this year's anniversary the Postel community commemorates an unusual situation, because Indonesia is being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, the Postel Bhakti Day Commemoration Ceremony was conducted in a virtual manner led by the Minister of Communication and Information, Jhonny G. Plate and attended by the entire Postel community.

On this occasion, an employee of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), namely Hartanto Nurtyasworo as Vice President of Law, received a Satyalencana Wira Karya award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia for services in providing his devotion so that he can be a role model for others.

In line with the 75th Harbak Postel commemoration theme and as a form of innovation in digitizing its various services, Pos Indonesia has again launched a new delivery service product that prioritizes speed and digital technology, namely Quick International Xpress (QiX).

QiX, which is a service for sending goods abroad with superior accuracy and speed, Next Day Service to Hong Kong and Time Certain Deliver 2 to 6 days to several countries, even in the near future there will be Same Day Service to Singapore and several other countries.
"With the QiX Service, it is hoped that it can help business actors, both corporate and MSMEs in Indonesia, in accelerating the transaction and distribution processes, so that the economy in Indonesia itself can be helped along with the increase in export activities." explained VP of Product Management & Marketing of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Tata Sugiarta.