Get Some of These Benefits Only in O-ranger!

Admin, 17/03/2019

Get Some of These Benefits Only in O-ranger!

With the aim of facilitating the public in package delivery, Pos Indonesia launched O-ranger, which is a new innovation that is ready to help start from picking up to delivering packages to the post office. O-ranger is a Pos Indonesia partner in charge of marketing of Pos Indonesia products and doing pick up service in each area.

To find out more about O-ranger, start from the products offered, main tasks, and the benefits of joining O-ranger, you can read the previous article here. In this article, it will be explained the benefits obtained by customers if using O-ranger services. So, what are the advantages of O-ranger compared to other logistics services? Here's the explanation!

1. Send packages without the need to go to the post office
One of the  O-ranger’s tasks is doing pick up service. First of all, O-ranger officers jumping directly to the location of the sale that has been determined and offering products directly to prospective customers. Prospective customers who are interested in O-ranger offers will be recorded and potentially become regular customers. The regular customers can call O-ranger anytime and anywhere when will sending a package.

2. No pick-up fee
The second advantage of using O-ranger services is no need for pick-up fee for picking up packages at your location. The package delivery fee via O-ranger has the same price as the package delivery directly to the post office without an additional pick-up fee by the officer. 

3. Convenience for Online Shop Owners
For those of you who have an online store, now you can more easily send your sales items without busily carrying lots of items to the post office. Just contact your O-ranger around you, and then the officer will pick up your items as much as you want. Of course without the pick-up fee.

4. Delivery throughout Indonesia
The Pos Indonesia services offered by O-ranger focus on Pos Express and Pos Kilat Khusus services. As explained in the previous article, the two services include shipping services throughout Indonesia with different travel times. So don't worry, through O-ranger you can also make sure that your shipment goes anywhere to all corners of Indonesia.

So, those are some of the advantages of O-ranger shipping services. Too lazy to go? Just call O-Ranger!