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Peringati HUT ke-74 Kemerdekaan RI, Pos Indonesia Gelar Upacara


Bertempat di halaman Kantor Pusat PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) jalan Cilaki No.73 Bandung digelar Upacara peringatan Hari Ulang Tahun Ke-74 Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia. Upacara di kantor pusat ini diikuti oleh Direksi, para pejabat serta karyawan kantor pusat, para pini sepuh dari Kelompok Veteran Karyawan Postel/LVRI, Persatuan Pensiunan Pos, Anak Perusahaan serta Afiliasi. Bertindak sebagai Pimpinan Upa ...

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Pos Indonesia – Western Union announces Program Winners "RAMADAN BERSAMA POS & WU 2019 Bandung, 15 August 2019 – A total of 15 Indonesian postal subscribers today get Umrah ticket rewards. They are customer service remittance Western Union in Kantorpos who transact during period 1 May 2019 until 31 July 2019. In addition to 15 tickets of Umrah, the prize draw program named "RAMADHAN BERSAMA POS & WU 2019" also gives another gift of 20 televisions 32 "and and 20 two-doo ...

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Amazing Race


Denpasar, August 8, 2019 - PT Pos Indonesia gave appreciation to 336 Agenpos who had managed to reach revenues up to 400 million rupiahs in semester 2, 2018. Appreciation is given in the form of a Vacation Trip to Bali for 4 days, which is held from August 5th, 2019 - August 8th, 2019. Place that have been visited are: Tanah Lot Temple, GWK area, Tanjung Benoa, Uluwatu, Kintamani, Klungkung, and Jimbaran. Once again, congratulations to the champions. Come on, join Agenpos right now, a very promising business opp ...

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Export of Service Agreement - Supplier's Credit (SCA)


Jakarta, 1 Agustus 2019 - PT Pos Indonesia beserta anak perusahaannya, yaitu PT Pos Logistik Indonesia menggandeng perusahaan Trading Internasional, Agritrade International Ltd., untuk bekerja sama dalam hal penyediaan jasa pembiayaan kredit supplier yang logistiknya akan ditangani Pos Indonesia Group, baik dalam negeri maupun luar negeri. Langkah ini diambil Pos Indonesia dalam rangka mewujudkan transformasinya menuju pemain global logistik. Pos akan melayani sektor riil dalam negeri dalam memenuhi kebutuhan pasokan input bahan baku maupun ...

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Pos Indonesia Launched COD C2C Application


Pos Indonesia marks another service innovation in the midst of the e-commerce era, especially retail online shopping. Located at the Jombang Post Office, the BUMN which was aged 273 this year launched the C2C COD application on Friday (7/26). COD (Cash On Delivery) is a payment method where the buyer pays an order in cash when the order arrives at the destination. Payment is made to the courier who delivered the items. C2C or Customer to Customer is social media-based online retail transactions. The majority of C2C actors ...

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Appreciation of Customers, Pos Indonesia Holds 2019 Meterai Award


Jakarta, July 24, 2019 – Based on Government Regulation No. 28 of 1986 concerning Procurement, Management and Sales of Seal Objects, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) has been assigned by the Government as the only institution that manages and sells seal objects. As a form of appreciation for Pos Indonesia to companies and partners who have purchased patches at the Post Office, both used as internal sealing companies and for sale to the public, Pos Indonesia held a 2019 Meterai Award. This appreciation is given in various categ ...

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BUMN Synergy: Pos Indonesia and Pertamina Collaboration for Eastern Indonesia Region


Bandung, 23 juli 2019 – PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) and PT Pertamina (Persero) signed a cooperation in the Post Service Implementation Partnership in the Eastern Indonesia Work Area (KTI), specifically Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua on Tuesday (23/7) in Bandung. The collaboration in the framework of the BUMN Synergy was carried out by General Manager of Operation Region VIII  PT Pertamina (Persero), Gema Iriandus Pahalawan, Regional Head 11 Papua - West Papua PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), W. Lily Selallo and Dep ...

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Pos Indonesia Departs 600 Participants in Homecoming Together with BUMN


Batam, May 29, 2019 – Homecoming is a tradition of sociability for most Indonesian people ahead of Eid al-Fitr. In Indonesia, homecoming is always a ritual to be able to celebrate Eid in our hometown with our family and other relatives. To strengthen the relationship between customers, partners and the Company, on May 29, 2019 PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) dispatch 600 free homecoming participants on the route of Batu Ampar Batam Port to Belawan Harbor, Medan. This free homecoming activity is expected to stre ...

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Ahead of Eid Al-Fitr, Pos Indonesia Established “POS REHAT 2019”


Bandung, May 22, 2019 - Every year before Eid Al-Fitr on Java Island, there is an increase in the wave of homecoming, especially users of two-wheeled vehicles/motorbikes. Based on data from the Ministry of Transportation in 2018, there were 6,390,000 travelers used motorbikes. The number of motorcycle accidents during 2018 homecoming was recorded as many as 2,088 events. Most accidents are caused by fatigue. As a form of concern for travelers this year, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) established 20 points of POS REHAT POS INDONESIA 201 ...

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Commemoration of the 111th National Awakening Day


Located on the Head Office Building, Cilaki 73 Street, Bandung 40115, on Monday (20/5), the 111th National Awakening Day ceremony was attended by employees in the PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Head Office environment. Director of Human Resources, Agus F. Handoyo acted as the Ceremonial Coach of the Ceremony at the commemoration of this year with the theme "Rise to Unity". In the speech delivered by the Ceremonial Coach of the Minister of Communication and Informatics, the National Awakening Day commemoration this time was al ...

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